“One Size” does not fit all…

Cascade Management & Real Estate Services was founded on the principal of truly customizable property management.  The one-size-fits-all approach does not actually work for all owners, especially those wanting a certain level of involvement with their assets.  Therefore, through regular meetings and direct communication, we design our management contracts to fit owners’ needs and desires, and are happy to adjust them as the relationship moves forward.  From full management to a-la-carte services, we strive to provide a unique duo of integrity and dedication combined with measurable results to make each property as successful as possible. Cascade Management has historically maintained a < 1% vacancy rate while raising rents an average of 10% / year. Thereby not only capitalizing on, but also exceeding Seattle’s booming rental market averages.

Our commitment to housing, homelessness and our community.
We at Cascade Management are committed to the King County AllHome mission of making homelessness ‘rare, brief, and one-time.
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A friend of mine is looking for an apartment and said that the landlords she has been contacting have not been responsive. I talked you up for how quickly you get back to Rachel and me, and thought it would be worth it for you guys to see what's available.North Seattle Tenant, Josh
We figured that since we had such a good experience renting from you for the last few years at the Galaxy, that we would reach out to you in the hopes you had something else available.Seattle Tenants, Stuart and Lindsay
With their creative and thorough marketing strategies, Dan and Tammy consistently surpass my rental income expectations while keeping expenses well below my projections.”Owner, North Seattle Properties