From single-family houses to large multi-family buildings, Cascade Management professionally manages properties to match owner’s needs. We offer a variety of services as part of your basic Property Management Package as well as additional Set up, Leasing and Maintenance support.

Basic Property Management Package

Administrative Services
  • Respond to emergencies 24 hours/day, 7 days a week
  • Respond to phone, text, email inquiries for all reasons
  • Maintain office hours for public accessibility and meetings
  • Maintain office legal documents, lease files organized for audit, security deposit ledgers in compliance with State requirements, past renter records, inspection reports, notices, addenda, screenings, etc.
  • Maintain current database of tenant contact and financial info
  • Provide any and all supporting documentation and copies to renters, credit check companies, other landlords, etc.
  • Enforce rules & regulations
  • Preparation of violation letters and follow-ups
  • Manage complaints, remedies and tenant satisfaction
  • Provide regular market research utilizing numerous sources
  • Schedule, plan, advise and suggest rent increases and other lease changes
  • Implement rent increases notices, options, new leases, etc.
Financial Services
  • Collect rent: copy, endorse, deposit and report
  • Collect other income: Manage, deposit and report
  • Manage delinquencies, late payments, NSFs, fees, notices, follow up calls, mailings, etc. for accounts receivable
  • Manage collections agency or court processes for major delinquencies
  • Detailed monthly reporting of income, petty cash, delinquencies, etc.
  • Coordinate with the owner’s accountant for the preparation of taxes and financial review and audits
  • Assist owner in preparing and implementing an annual budget

Capitol Hill 5

Maintenance, Repair and Improvements (under $1000)
  • Prepare bid specifications if needed
  • Obtain qualified bids if needed
  • Review bids and prepare comparisons
  • Supervise on-site personnel
  • Establish a preventative maintenance program
  • Anticipate legal and logistical maintenance and habitability issues
  • Coordinate and track inventory
  • Track and Coordinate completion of maintenance and work orders
  • Advise owner of potential problems and solutions
  • Monitor property on a routine basis

Central Area

Additional Services

(Usually contracted for on an hourly basis)

Property Set-Up Procedures
  • Inspect candidate properties as needed to assist owner in feasibility analysis
  • Provide market analysis of candidate properties as needed to assist owner in feasibility analysis
  • Inspect entire property and units for current condition and urgent needs
  • Meet with owner(s) to devise initial management strategy, plan and general budget
  • Develop initial deferred maintenance list and follow through with planning to ameliorate with respect to urgency and budget

Turn Over and Leasing
  • Market research the value of apartment listings
  • Design and build the advertising for a rental property
  • Respond to all inquiries providing follow up as needed
  • Set appointments to view, properly alert current renter
  • Show the unit, pre-screen interested parties
  • Accept deposits, screen applicants, create leases and new tenant packets.
  • Move the new tenant in, inspect the unit, verify all documents signed, and the file is complete
  • Maintain database of tenant contact information
  • Determine and schedule when leases should be reviewed prior to expiration
  • Manage lease renewal options to suit optimal duration and rental rate
  • Process move-out notices to facilitate timely re-rental of rental property
  • Schedule cleaners, blind cleaning, carpet cleaning and other basic turn over services as needed.
  • Process move out report and timely refund and/or accounting of all security deposit / pet deposit / other deposit monies.
  • Suggest budget-minded improvements to optimize rental income
Maintenance, Repair and Improvements (over $1000)

Same services as the “under $1000” category but in addition:

  • Negotiate bids to strike an appropriate balance of price, quality and schedule with direct participation of owner as appropriate
  • Strategic design and source materials as appropriate
  • Direct supervision of subcontractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Regular site visits to ensure quality, timeliness and adherence to plan
  • Management of project schedule with respect to voluntary vacancy loss ensuring prompt re-rental of completed rental unit

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